Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mentalist: Simon Baker talks about his debut behind the camera

Since the decision of last year Mentalist,
Simon Baker took his family and focused on achieving his first film. The Australian actor has to say about his new project.

For over a year, Simon Baker left the well cut suits his character of Patrick Jane, the star of the seriesThe Mentalist , which had its final clap after seven seasons on the air (2008-2015). After long years to hunt down Red John on the sets, the Australian actor of 47 years decided to get away for a few months and enjoy his wife Rebecca and their three children, Stella, Claude and Harry. His last appearance in cinema dates back to 2013 and its role in irresistible seducer's Love. Simon Baker has launched a new challenge: the realization. In 2016, he made his first steps behind the camera for a project dear to his heart for a long time. In 2009 he had bought the rights of Breath , the best-selling compatriot Tim Winton. Busy with the busy schedule of Filming Mentalist , he constantly pushed his directorial debut.

"It's about searching for identity"

The story tells the initiation of two young teens surf enthusiasts, guided by a mysterious adventurer portrayed by Simon Baker. For now, the release date in France of his first film is not yet known but the former accomplice Robin Tunney (Teresa Lisbon in the Mentalist ) just completed its shooting and agreed to say more in columns of the magazine L'Express Styles  : " it's about searching for identity, rites of passage that mark our lives, of those defining moments during which we seek, we refines and defines itself in many ways,. the history of these characters in search of thrills echoes my own life and my relationship with my father . " Simon Baker fans were already eager to see the end result and to see their idol after having disappeared from the radar for over a year.


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